Man power and Equipment

Man power and Equipment

Primecon (Taipei)

Member: 7 persons
Sales and Admin.: 3P
Quality control: 1P
R&D engineer:???? 3P
Equipment: ?
Auto stripping machine??? 1 set
Crimping machine????????? 2 sets
Insulator insertion Mach. 2 sets
Automated assembly mach.? 2 sets
70x Microscope??????????? 1 set?
2.5D 210x Microscope ????? 1 set
  • Auto stripping
  • Crimping machine
  • Automated Assembly machine

Primecon (Nanjing)

Member: 37P
Management and Admin.: 5P
QA & QC: 5P
Engineer 3P
Operator: 24P
Auto stripping machine 3 set
Crimping machine 3 sets
Insulator insertion Mach. 9 sets
Automated assembly mach. 6 sets
70 times CCD Microscope 6 set
2.5D 210x Microscope 1 set
High Po tester 2 sets