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Production Department Introduction

Production department introduction

Production Department scheduling is arranged and prioritized as required by our planning and production division to suit the specific and individual requirements of customer orders and the required delivery schedule. The specialized technical staff ensures the necessary manpower, machines and QA test equipment are always available to meet the varying and individual requirements of customer orders.

Personnel Profile of the Department
Operators : 600
Automatic production Lines : 30
Line Supervisors : 30
Technical staff : 15
Line Managers : 2
All of the operators are above high school , managers are over junior college, and 5 of them are undergraduate students.
Management staffs are all have 3 years experience of production management.

Workshop Environment Introduction
The workshop is commodiouness , and installing 8 sets of central air conditionings. The air of the workshop is fresh, with water and teacup put in specially area. We clean and aspiration the workshop from the aspects everyday.

Production Machinery Equipment
Vertical injection molding machines : 15 sets
Termination machines : 17 sets
Movable printing machine : 6 sets
Pin insertion machines : 4 sets
Ultrasonic machines : 8 sets
Punch machines (Xiao Jin steel): 60 sets
Pneumatic punch machines : 10 sets
Atomatic cutting machines : 5 sets

Automatic termination machines : 15 sets
Automatic stripping machines : 30 sets
Automatic wave soldering machines : 2 sets

Production Inspection Equipment
Computer inspection equipment (ROIN-RT9000/9001): 30 sets
Universal cable/harness tester: 6 sets
Conduction inspection equipment (TW) : 40 sets
LCR test machine : 2 sets

Production Capacity
USB products : 800K/ month
LAN cables : 2000K/ month
Telephone cables : 5000K/ month
Telephone plugs/sockets : 2000K/ month
ADSL products : 1500K/ month