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Quality Assurance Centre Profile

Quality Assurance Centre Profile

The Quality Assurance Centre, comprising two separate departments:
1. Quality assurance and quality control. And it contains calibration, laboratory, aftersale processing, SQE,etc quality management and control.
2. Quality control is for incoming parts, processes, and eventually (delivery) three stages of quality control and inspection departments.

Talent Show
The quality assurance center ,comprising a group of young and professional quality management personnals, College or above degree is about 40%, secondary and high school degree is about 60%, and quality control deparment also owns some people that engaged in quality related work for 8 years.

Professional Skills
We use SPC statistical process control and management,MSA,QC old and new seven gimmick to do the quality control. We use 8D gimmick to improve aftersale analysis ,foremore, we can implement it correctly and do prevent. Quality control personnels from incoming to eventually undergo strict professional training, Familiar with the knowledge of product quality characteristics and professional skills. We adopt scientific experimental design and test to ensure the quality of products and life.

Environmental Commitments
With the international environmental standards, our company is responsed to the international environmental conventions, quality assurance centre introduces two ROHS tester, it takes quality control on our product and commitment all customers of “no use of banned substances”. The developers of our company is looking for new product changing produce from PVC to Halogen-free Gradually, and comprehensive import control of REACH in june,2009 for the purpose of protect the green earth !

Supplier Management
Manufacturers management conference
(Covers engineering technical requirements,environmental protection product quality,product characteristics and purchasing management)

Quality News in 2009
1.Completed and passed the annual audit of Eleven , jianshun, zhi sheng , RK customers in March.
2.Completed and passed the annual audit of Heqin company in April.
3.Imported REACH regulations comprehensively in April and execute SVHC control test, completed control in June.
4.Completed and passed the annual audit renewal of FOXCONN company in May.
5.Completed and passed QPA annual net system of ASUS in May, Audit self-evaluation.
6.Completed and passed Audit self-evaluation net system of wei chuang company in June.
7.2nd management review after QC080000 management system certification in June, constantly perfect system operation.
8.We execute SPC statistical process control and management in July.
9.We will import halogen-free requirements in December.