About Us

Message from the Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

To all our Valued Clients

We thank you in all sincerity for your interest in our company and products.

As a globally aware company mindful of its responsibilities, we aim to provide the best high-quality products and the highest level of service with minimal impact on the environment

With your help, assistance and interest we will all achieve these ends and grow steadily and prosper.

We believe that research and innovation creates the advantage and helps develop the competitive edge.

Our company is committed to the following beliefs

Careful management is the core foundation of product reliability.
Advanced technology is the cornerstone of product innovation.
Innovation is the key to new ideas.

?Our operations objective:

?We realize the value of the customer and reflect that value in our organisation and activities.

?Our management principle:

Achieve our goals through careful management and monitoring.
Push forward to success with our reputation and quality.

The aim of our management:

Effective leadership is dependant on mutual respect and good established relationships.
The establishment of this relationship is based on the following four disciplines:
Equality, respect, friendship and trust.

This is the spirit of the enterprise culture at Tungli.

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